APEX Cardano Stake Pool

Information about the APEX Cardano Stake Pool

Pool ID: 538299a358e79a289c8de779f8cd09dd6a6bb286de717d1f744bb357

Ticker: APEX

Fixed cost: 340

Margin: 0%

Delegating ADA

Consider delegating your ADA to APEX Stake Pool to earn rewards.

About the APEX Pool

This Pool is 24/7 online and it is operated by an IT Professional with more than 20 years of experience, with a lot of experience in IT Security and IT best practices, and involved in a few successful PCI DSS Audits in the last years.

The pool runs on three reliable, redundant virtual private servers, one block producer and two relays distributed on different hosts, in a data center in Europe, with multiple Internet connections. And at least one mode hidden relay, for more redundancy and protection against attacks.

When the Pool will grow, some relays will be probably moved to public cloud virtual machines, distributed in different availability zones.

I am running this pool because I believe in Cardano's future and I would like to be a part of it. I made a research about different blockchain projects, and I have chosen to put my faith in Cardano.

I intend to run this pool with 0% Margin (Variable Fee) until it reaches enough ADA Active Stake to produce block each Epoch, and increase the Margin to 2% in case the Pool reaches there. I know the pledge is very low, I just started to buy ADA in February 2021, but I intend to use all pool rewards to increase the plegde, and I will also buy more ADA and use it for the same purpose.

When the pool will constantly produce blocks and earn rewards, there will be regular donations for "Asociaţia Dăruieşte Viaţă". Please support them if you can. Their IBAN accounts for donations are in the footer of their website.